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Members of Cul de Sax

Susan Nourse

Cul de Sax member Susan Nourse

Soprano and Alto Saxophones

Susan received her Bachelor Degree in Music Education from Northwestern University, where she studied saxophone with Fred Hemke. She also plays in Pine Tree Coastal Winds, a community band based in Freeport.

Paul Aliapoulios

Cul de Sax member Paul Aliapoulios

Alto Saxophone

Professor Emeritus from Northwestern University. Dr. Aliapoulios has performed in concert bands, jazz bands, and big bands throughout the east coast and Chicago.

Jim Huebener

Cul de Sax member Jim Huebener

Tenor Saxophone

Jim graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He played in rock, jazz, and swing bands during his college years.

Chris Gutscher

Cul de Sax member Chris Gutscher

Baritone Saxophone

Chris Gutscher is the founder of Cul de Sax and while he plays all members of the saxophone family, his real joy is the baritone sax. He continues to play in many big bands, small ensembles, concert bands as well as other saxophone quartets.